Kam & Giselle || Florida Springs Mini Session

Giselle and I both grew up in Georgia, pretty close to each other, but it wasn't until we both lived in Hawaii that we actually met! We had such a fun day together at this beautiful spring here in Florida. We shot photos for maybe 15 minutes and then spent the rest of the day laughing and exploring. And yes, the water really is that blue and crystal clear! It's also pretty cold, 72 degrees to be exact, but it still felt magical! Giselle & Kam love adventure's and make the most out of every weekend to go explore somewhere new. I seriously love that about them because my husband and I try to do the same thing. It cracks me up that we've spent a few weekends together and we live in separate states. But if there's an adventure, we know we can call them up and they will be there. So cheers to long distance friendships and cheers to these two because they are newlywed and so cute!

Also, exploring new places and having creative photo sessions like this are my favorite. So if you know a hidden gem or you're up for an adventure, let me know and we can create some magic!