Missy & Kyle || Iceland Waterfall Couples Shoot || Seljalandsfoss

This photoshoot is what dreams are made of! We got off our red eye and headed straight to this spot to meet up with Missy & Kyle. It was our first stop in Iceland and we were running on little sleep and a LOT of excitement! We had this spot to ourselves for a little bit which made it feel like we were walking into Narnia. Missy & Kyle had already been in Iceland for a few days so they told us to go ahead and check out the waterfall before we began our shoot and it was such a special moment for my husband and I. We had that moment and this magical place all to ourselves and It's something I'll never forget.

It happened to be Missy's birthday on this day so it was so sweet to celebrate with her. We had so much fun with them and spent the entire time laughing. A lot of the ground was frozen so we were trying to walk on the ice and not completely eat it haha. My husband came reallyyy close once to hitting the ground. The photo a few below of Kyle laughing makes me laugh so much because I told them to go stand on that little ledge. But as he started walking, he quickly realized it was completely frozen over and the water from the falls was blowing so hard and getting us soaked haha. So we quickly vetoed that plan. 

We also found out during our shoot that both of us lived in Hawaii around the same time! Such a small world and I love it! This shoot goes down as one of my favorites for sure. If everyone wants to have their photoshoot done in front of a waterfall in Iceland, that would be just fine with me ;)

When I delivered these photos to Missy, she thanked me and told me how, more than ever, she really appreciated them. I didn't fully understand what she meant by that, but I soon discovered that her husband, Kyle, was in a horrible car accident and was in the hospital when she got these! Luckily, he has since recovered but I can only imagine how scary that must have been for them. It's a reminder of why I love photography so much. It's a way to capture a memory and be able to look back on it forever.  And when they are 80 years old, they can remember that one time they adventured in front of waterfalls in Iceland together. 

Missy & Kyle - Lo Elledge Photography